Hydraulic Trailer Brakes – Drum Brake-to-Disc Brake Conversion

You’ll find two principal varieties of hydraulic trailer brakes normally witnessed on trailers: Drum brakes and Disc brakes. Drum brakes are an far more experienced kind and utilize a hydraulically actuated wheel cylinder to pressure a pair of spring loaded brake “shoes” towards the inside braking flooring of brake drum, which also features because the Disc Brakes Australia

Disc brakes make use of a hydraulic actuation of the piston during the caliper to force the pads to shut (pinch) both of those sides while using the rotor. This can be a more moderen style and style found on hottest cars.

Disc brakes have got a extremely handful of beneficial areas all-around drum.
one) Improved halting electric powered ability
two) No adjustment necessary to compensate for shoe wear
three) Effortless pad substitution
four) Less complicated – no springs
five) For boat trailers, lowered incidence of corrosion

They can be available in two fundamental designs: Vented and Non-vented. Vented rotors are wished-for predominantly due to the fact they have a tendency to dissipate warmth improved than non-vented rotors, minimizing a essential end result in for failure.

For boat trailers, corrosion triggered by immersion in thoroughly clean or salt ingesting h2o is usually a principal issue. The salt h2o may also bring on problems when salt crystallizes inside the likely regions of the caliper and around the caliper pins. The disc made available now, are available in equally powder coated for traditional use, silver cadmium plated for regular salt-water use or chrome steel for extended saltwater use.

To begin the conversion from drum to disc, it might be great to get started on on the entrance along with the trailer. The Hydraulic actuator, (surge or electric/ hydraulic) will require to be perhaps modified or altered out to one that may be supposed for disc brakes. The disc brake actuator might have an outlet brass fitting which has a extra significant aperture (5/32″) and confirm valve discovered through the drum brake actuator will probably be absent. Disc brakes require way more circulation of brake fluid than drum brakes.

For the reason that disc brakes aren’t intended as well as the (free-backing) attribute, a technique to lock out the brake strains will probably be demanded. This may be concluded by creating both an electrical lockout solenoid or simply a mechanical manual ball valve place within the brake line.

The disc brake calipers require a adaptable brake line prime to the piston to work successfully. Examine your brake line and set up if demanded.

Safely and securely and securely jack up and block your trailer. Get absent the tire / rim assembly. Crystal clear absent the aged brake drum furthermore the brake assembly. The brake assembly is fixed on the axle brake flange with 4 or 5 bolts.